Frequently Asked Questions

 New Projects

Are you available for freelance work or personal commissions?

Yes! Please send me an email or drop a line in my contact form with your name, contact info, and a brief description of your project. Include your desired timeline, budget, subject matter, and any other information that could affect the artwork or production.

can you draw a tattoo for me?

Yes, but consider contacting a tattoo artist that can create your design for you – I am not a tattoo artist by trade and they may be able to design something for you that works better as a tattoo on skin than something I draw on paper.
That being said, I would be happy to draw something for you! Send me your idea in an email.

can i get your existing work tattooed?

In most cases yes, but I would appreciate you asking beforehand and telling me which piece you’d like to get tattooed. Also, please check with your tattoo artist to make sure they are willing to tattoo another person’s design.

Buying Things

How can i buy an original?

All originals available for purchase are posted to my Etsy shop.

where can i find prints?

Print releases are announced on my social media channels, mostly Instagram and Facebook. All prints are made available on Etsy in limited quantities.

materials & techniques

what medium do you work in?

I use Micron fineliner pens in .005 and .01 weights. For larger inked areas, I use black India ink with whatever brush I can find nearby.

what is your process like?

At the start of a project, I typically sketch a few thumbnails to nail down a composition. I use bits and pieces of different reference photos, and prefer to use my own photography whenever I can. Once I’ve found a composition I like, I do a few rounds of more refined sketches before coming to something that’s ready to be inked. Time spent inking really depends on the piece, and usually takes a few days to be fully completed.